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West Fisher wines, skid hill farm, Kent

Free delivery on all orders over £50 and to all CR & BR postcodes

At West Fisher we are proud to say that all of our wines are produced as cleanly as possible with minimal sulphites and no additives. We use a number of techiques to reduce the need for additives and preservatives and can say with conviction that our wines will not leave you with a chemical hangover, we can't remove the alcohol one though but at least it will be gone by lunchtime!

All of our wines are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans too and both the Springfield & Regent sparkling wines are completely organic.

Our ciders are made with 100% apple juice, only the bottle matured cider has added sugar to give it a little spritz but that's all!


All orders are processed within 48 hours and shipped by secure delivery, standard shipping costs apply except fpr orders over £50 or to CR & BR postcodes which are free. Items sold are age restricted and subject to checks through the payments system. We use Paypal to process all orders which is safe and secure. West Fisher Winery does not store customer data or card data, we do not share your information with any third party and will not ever pass your information on to any third party for any reason.


West Fisher Winery operatess a strict check 25 policy, it is ilegal to attempt to purchase alcohol if you are under the age of 18. By purchasing products from our site you are confirming that you are legally able to do so. You may be liable for prosecution if you are under age and attenpt to purchase wine from our website


Free delivery on all purchases over £50 and to all CR postcodes in the UK

UK post and packing charge on orders under £50 will be £12.50

No international delivery currently available


Its Ok to change yur mind, 14 day return policy. Goods damaged in transit will be replaced without question.


Customer Service

Call 01959 575 893 if you have any questions or a problem with your order


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