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Updated January 18th 2018

The Old Stables


Since we secured our lease, after a 4 and a half year wait we have been working to improve the winery for our own use and of course for customer experience.


We are costantly expanding our equipment and improving the building as well as continuing to improve the quality of our wines. Sparkling wine production has also increased to around 20% of our annual production


Vineyard Sites


We have recently taken over the management of Goose Green Vineyard in Wallington. This is a small 150 vine hobby vineyard that was previously manage dby one of our staff, David Randall. The site is in need of a little TLC but has otherwise healthy vines. It is an opportunity to work on our vineyard management skills while we look to secure a 10 acres site in Dorset.

Worms Heath


We have concluded that Worms Heath, due to its altitude is not suitable for a UK vineyard.


Another factor is the total lack of interest from the site owner who appears to have little or no interest in anyone taking over the site and making use of it.


We have now also identified a site in Nutfield that looks promising but for now we will hold off any further negotiations while we push Garfield Farm along.


Our;premises license was our main goal at The Old Stables, which we secured without any problems whatsoever.

Products available in 2018


We have sold out of Titchfield Red, Summer Red 2015, Dry White Blush and Kent Gold. There is a limited amount of Reichensteiner available and the last of the third edition Rock Lodge Rose as well as Apple Wine.


New wines coming in 2018 are a new Reichensteiner, Kent Gold 2017, Summer Red 2017, Pinot Blanc, a new sparkling to accompany the Sprongfield and Regent sparkling wines. A new blend of the Medium White will be released in February and there is also a limited edition dry white called The three Tennors which will only be available from the winery.


We also have Kent Scrumpy cider available in single bottles, 3 bottle gift packs and 20 Litre polypins.


All of our wines will be available from us directly, online via the shop page or at local markets and shows.

Harvest 2017


Harvest across the UK was a mixed bag, some vineyards had little or no crop while others reported record yields. Nearly all of our smaller growers reported no crop and we did not take in any contract wine making this year, sadly.


We have taken in a large crop from Wiltshire this year, one of the areas not affected adversely by the late frost in May last year.


We now have a tank capacity totally 14,500 litres, well above the original target of 10,000.

Markets & Shows 2018


The last half of 2017 showed a marked decrease in market footfall accross the board. This is a trend we have noted in recent years and it is a slightly worrying trend to say the least. Some markets are still doing very well while others are struggling to attract the public. As with most things advertising is key, when market organisers put in the effort you can see the difference.


As with most years January sees the innevitible cull of certain markets, this year we will be concentraing more on local market veues and larger shows and events further affield. We have already booked several events in Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Guildford.


Regular markets we will be attending in 2018 are Horsham, Lewes, Wallington, Herne Bay, Rochester, Chislehurst & Ripley. The winery will be open more often, from February we are open Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 1:00pm to 6:00pm and there will be some weekend dates available. We will post these on our homepage once they are confirmed. You can always check our availability via Groupon.

The West Fisher Winery, The Old Stables, Skid Hill Farm, Skid Hill Lane, Chelsham, Kent, CR6 9PP


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