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Book a wine tasting and see how we make our wines. We are child & dog friendly too

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You can order our wines here, there are no delivery charges for orders over £50 or to CR or BR postcodes

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West Fisher has grown from one of the smallest commercial wine producers in the UK back in 2009 to become a well known producer in the region. We make contract wines for smaller growers and work closely with all of our vineyards to produce the best quality wine we can.

As a wine producer but not a grower  we buy  grapes from UK vineyards to produce our wide range of wines. We currently purchase from vineyards in Surrey, East & West Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Wiltshire and for the first time in 2018 from Hertfordshire as well.

Everything we do is very much hands on. We  can welcome groups of 2 people up to 50 in our upstairs bar and you can choose to have a simple wine tasting for just £12.50 a head, a tasting with cheese & biscuits for £17.50 a head or a wine tasting with a finger buffet for £22.50  head (min 10 people & 7 days notice required).

Simon Fisher, Pivotal Architectural Services

Where to Find Our Wines

The main outlet for our wines at present is  farmers markets, trade fairs, country shows or from us directly, either from our online shop or drop by the farm to pick up what you need.

We are also available at Westerham Brewery in Westerham and we are talking to a number of local pubs about the possibility of stocking our wines too.

Please click here to see which markets, shows & events we are visiting this month and to check our weekend opening times.

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About Us

Wine production has been a passion of our founder, Simon Fisher (near the summit of Ben Nevis here), for many years. Ever since he watched his mother make country wines as a child, fascinated by the process, the smells, sounds and the equipment she used.

It took a few years and a successful career in Architecture later to realise the dream and start producing wine commercially here in the UK.

We started production in 2009 and quickly realised how little we knew, this is one industry that teaches you patience, understanding and that every day is a school day!

By starting out as a winery, modelling our production on the California model of buying in grapes or leasing an area of a vineyard to make our wines we avoided a huge initial outlay and the usual 4 to 5 years most vineyards take to produce a viable wine to bring to market.

Establishing a route to market we felt was key to our long term success in wine production before planting our own vineyard, this is still a long term goal and we have managed 2 privately owned vineyards in the past.


Wine production in the UK is growing rapidly, as an industry in 2019 we produced around 15.6 million bottles of wine in the UK with more than 3.5 million new vines planted in 2019.

Problem? Please get in touch.

Please email us here info@westfisher.co.uk, or call us on 01959 575 893.

We offer a no quibble refund policy and we are very proud to say that our returns rate is less than 0.2% of our GDP

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