English Springer Spanial

We have moved!

Back in September 2020 we were asked to vacate our premises on Skid Hill Farm, this was not welcome news after almost 9 years on the farm but we could not do anything to change the situation and it was obviously not the greatest timing either.

We moved into the "new" Old Stables on Clacket Lane in July 2021, after months of hard work and lots of expense we managed to get ready for production for the 2021 harvest, which sadly turned out to be the worst harvest we have known in almost 14 years!

At last we can say with some confidence that we will be open for tastings for a limited number of guests from early February 2022. If you have a BuyaGift, Wowcher or Groupon voucher for our old building we will honour it, even if it has expired. Our landline is at last peration but has a new number (don't ask!) Our new number is 01959 561 372 or call Simon Fisher directly on 07760 437 185 or email simon@westfisher.co.uk to confirm a booking date.

English Wines

West Fisher remains committed to English wine production and all of the wines we will be selling at all of our markets are 100% English. We hope to begin production again later in the year and enter competitions from the 2021 harvest if at all possible. Titsey Brewery ales will still be available too and we are switchig from Westerham Brewery to Godstone Brewery from the beginning of October.

Our shop page will be up and running again sometime in October and we are also working on a new website which we hope will be available by the end of the year.

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The Future?

2020 was a trying time for many of us, we have worked hard to get through but circumstances out of our control have sadly put us in this position.

In almost 13 years of wine production we have learned a great deal, made some amazing contacts, built incredible relationships with some wonderful and committed growers and producers alike. And then of course there are our amazing customers and loyal supporters.

These relationships mean a lot to us, we want to remain a dedicated English wine producer and advocate of an amazing industry with some of the most amazing people we have ever met so we will keep working towards a better future.

We are working towards opening up the winery from the end of October for wine tastings, drop in customers and online orders. The intention is to open up on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, leaving the other 3 days for wine production, labelling, admin, etc.

We are aware that a number of vouchers will have expired, whether they are Wowcher, BuyaGift or Groupon we will honour them regardless. We had hoped to move into a different building in May but the deal was not suitable for us or our long term future so we were forced to look at alternatives. We have put a lot of effort into securing the new building and believe it has a fantastic future, for us and The Titsey Estate.

For now let me and My staff thank all of you for your continued support and we hope to welcome you all to a new & bigger venue soon.

Problem? Please get in touch.

Please email us here info@westfisher.co.uk, or call us on 01959 561 372 (not yet active) or 07760 437 185

We offer a no quibble refund policy and we are very proud to say that our returns rate is less than 0.2% of our GDP