We have moved!

We finally moved into the new "Old Stables" in July 2021, our new address is West Fisher Winery, The Old Stables, Clacket Lane, Westerham, TN16 2EP. It has been a long and winding road but at last we see a day when we can welcome customers back to our venue. 

The new building is a little bigger than the old one and was in need of very much TLC, we managed to get our act together for production of the 2021 harvest only to have probably the worst harvest on record. Never rains but it poors!

Now we are looking forward and we have a kitchen, (well half a kitchen), and a tasting room, (well half a tasting room). But we have moved along very quickly in the last few weeks and look forward to at last opening the doors properly on May 2nd onwards. Groupon are again promoting us and the deal is a good one so please take a look. New deals will follow and will soon include a tasting with a pizza lunch to follow.

We still have so many positives ahead of us, a bigger venue, a bigger bar, our own car park, our own entrance and a second access through Moorhouse Sand Pits off the A25 (eventually our own access of the A25, working on that!), postcode TN16 2EU (only Monday to Friday) which is also where we are looking to plant a vineyard and possibly put in another building for later expansion. If you visit us during the week pull into the access road to the quarry and turn right at the gatehouse, follow the track (watch out for deer) to our car park, simple as that.

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We are looking to purchase a new press in time for the 202 harvest, we actually did buy one last year but it was faulty and we are now pursuing a refund, watch this space.

Also on the cards will be a range cooker, a pizza oven, paninni grill and coffee machine. We will be open for drop in customers to have a coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, cider, wine or spirits. 

Unlike the old building we will have both male & female toilets so another improvement.

The New Bar

Those of you who visited us previously will no doubt recognise the bar as it once was at Skid Hill Farm. Our new bar is almost completed and looks very similar to the original bar but has far more storage and bigger shelving so is more efficient. It actually has more than double the stock capacity than the old one and looks far better too (we think so anyway).

As for table space that is also doubled in size so we will be able to entertain more guests and that's before we open up the outside tasting area which is scheduled for next Spring, unless we can manage to do it sooner than that butr we will need a variation to our alcohol license before we cn open that space up.

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We have commissioned new signage, more impressive and in keeping with the new premises, new gates are in and fencing of the car park is now starting, we await the gate to arrive for the top of the car park.