West Fisher Winery

The Winery is closed for tastings & drop in customers until further notice

New Opening Hours

From January 2020 our opening hours changed so we are now open Tuesday to Thursday from 10:00am to 5:00pm and Friday from 1.0090 until 7:00pm. Our weekend hours are still flexible due to markets but we should be open most Saturday afternoons and most Sundand from January 18th every Satuays. If in doubt click here to find out if we are open "Visit us" 

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Renovations & Improvements

The Old Stables are exactly that, old! It has taken a monumental effort to repair the building and make it as comfortable, lining of the roof continues upstairs while work has also started on the second building to replace that roof entirely. Once that is completed then new doors, windows, insulation to the roof and a full rewire will follow.

Landscaping to the outside yard and additional decking will also follow soon, then the new picnic tables can be made and put in place ready for the outside bar to be put in. We are converting a horsebox trailer into a mobile bar so we can utilise the outside space and also rent it out to people to use for their own events. It will be supplied either stocked or not, entirely up to the custimer!

We have also completed new signage over the office door and put in new lights for that as well so people can clearly see where wwe are when they enter the yard.

We will be introducing new marked parking bays in the spring as well

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Further Improvements

Now that we have taken over a second building at Skid Hill Farm we will be able to move disgorging and riddling of our sparkling wines and contract wines out of the main winery. This will clear up a significant amount of space and allow us to put in the long needed kitchen so we can offer a limited menu to our visitors. this we plan to have operational by the end of May 2020.

We are also adding in a wood burning stove to the bar to make the experience even more relaxing and cosy, more on this soon but hopefully this will be added in time for next winter.

The upstairs bar is also getting a revamp soon. Our original bar ceiling was lined with reclaimed pallets, free wood and all treated of course, quality hardwood mostly as well. We are replacing this with pine cladding as it is cleaner and blocks off drafts too but we will save the wood we previouly salvaged and turn the whole lot into fruit boxes. The bar will be rebuilt using some of these so we increase our storage four fold at least and we will be able to hang more glasses as well so we an spend more time serving customers and less time cleaning glasses when we have guests. More on this as soon as we have made some progress.

Contact Us

Tel: 01959 575 893


West Fisher Winery, The Old Stables, Skid Hill Farm, Skid Hill Lane, Chelsham, Kent, CR6 9PP

Opening Hours

Wine sales, tours & tastings:-

Tuesday to Thursday 10:00am to 5:00pm

Fridays 1:00pm to 7:00pm

For weekend and bank holidays check here

We are child & dog friendly and have disabled access for the ground floor decking and bar

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