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West Fisher is on the move!

Minor problem is we don't know where yet?

For several months now we have been looking for a new home, we were asked to vacate our home of almost 9 years by our landlords, J P Whelan & Sons (Construction) Ltd, back in September 2020. 

We have looked at a number of likely sites but so far we have been unable to secure suitable premises. We have secure storage for the short term and we will be continuing markets up until Christmas 2021. We hope to secure the right place before September 2021. If anyone knows of a likely building that might suit us please call Simon Fisher on 07760 437 185 or email simon@westfisher.co.uk

English Wines

West Fisher remains committed to English wine production and all of the wines we will be selling at all of our markets are 100% English. We hope to begin production again later in the year and enter competitions from the 2021 harvest if at all possible. Westerham Brewery ales and Titsey Brewery ales will still be available too.

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The Future?

2020 has been a trying time for many of us, we have worked hard to get through but circumstances out of our control have sadly put us in this position.

In almost 13 years of wine production we have learned a great deal, made some amazing contacts, built incredible relationships with some wonderful and committed growers and producers alike. And then of course there are our amazing customers and loyal supporters.

These relationships mean a lot to us, we want to remain a dedicated English wine producer and advocate of an amazing industry with some of the most amazing people we have ever met so we will keep looking for a new home.

Sadly any Groupon, BuyaGift or Wowcher vouchers are no longer redeamable as we have no premises for you to visit. We suggest you contact the appropriate vendor for a refund. Of course we will, we hope, be signing up with them all again as soon as possible.

Buyagift can be contacted on 0208 275 522.

Groupon can be contacted via their website, please follow this link https://www.groupon.com/customer_support

Wowcher can be contacted via their website, please follow this link https://www.wowcher.co.uk/page/needhelp.html

We have attempted to contact Wowcher & Buyagift ourselves but have not had any success, Groupon have ended our promotion at our request. 

For now let me and My staff thank all of you for your continued support and we hope to welcome you all to a new & bigger venue soon.

Problem? Please get in touch.

Please email us here info@westfisher.co.uk, or call us on 01883 621 364 (temporary number)

We offer a no quibble refund policy and we are very proud to say that our returns rate is less than 0.2% of our GDP